Access and movement
Principal route & connections
Ashwells Lane Plan
Little Haldens Square
Cock Lane
The Cock Lane junction will be located to the southern end of the single lane section of Cock Lane. This will provide a vehicle-only access point to the west, to enable residents living in the Hillside and Orchard Village travel north. The junction will take the form of a priority T-junction and include measures to improve visibility on Cock Lane.
Hammersley Lane
The Hammersley Lane junction will provide a pedestrian, cycle and vehicle access point to the east side of the Little Haldens neighbourhood. The priority T-junction will be located to the south of the Robinson Road junction, and include the introduction of a new footway on the west side of Hammersley Lane, and dropped kerb pedestrian crossings. Traffic calming measures will be introduced to slow vehicle speeds on Hammersley Lane.
Gomm Road
Gomm Road (off London Road) provides the main acces spoint to the site for walking, cycling and vehicles. Gomm Road will be straightened to lead directly into the Little Haldens neighbourhood, and the Peregrine Business Park access will be realigned to form a priority T-junction with Gomm Road. Parking will be formalised and rationalised on Gomm Road to address the existing parking problems.